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I am happy you've found your way to my little blog.
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This is me: A hippie girl from somewhere in Germany, a dreamer, a traveller, a healthy food lover, a seventies girl ➳

I started this blog in december 2014, mostly for myself. I wanted a platform, where I can show some of my photos, photography is a big passion of mine. I know, I am not perfect in what I am doing, but it gives so much joy to me and that's the most important thing I guess.

My blog is like a photo diary for me where I capture all the little and big moments that make me happy.

Apart from photography I enjoy going on fleamarkets and haunt for little treasures for my appartment or vintage clothing. I especially love the fashion decade of the 70s.  I wish I was a hippie travelling the hippie trail from Formentera till Goa in this time.
I am also very into the music from this time, but I also enjoy metal and rock.

I am living vegetarian since summer 2012. It was the best choice I've ever made for myself, I am feeling so much better without eating meat and I am also trying to include more vegan food into my life. I am not ready to be fully vegan, it should be a true decision to make. 
I think we should be more conscious about what we eat and how we treat food in general. I always loved animals - for me every life should be treat equally.  

I am always longing for spring and summer, but I also like autumn and winter with cosy evenings.

During the mild seasons I am always on the go with my old bike, taking photos here and there in the beautiful rural landscape. For me nature paints the most beautifully settings.

Travelling has a big part in my heart, I only wish I could do it more often. Work and the daily routine sometimes allow no extra free time. My hippie spirit always longs for warm places to see, but my other side got lost in Scandinavia. The world has so many wonderful places to see and to explore.
We should never let our dreams get out of sight.

For questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail.

I'll try my best to write my answers on this page.
❁ Peace ❁

moomin by tove jansson

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